vrijdag 29 mei 2015

Nadya 189

Lord Lentilux produced a CD with a black cover and handed it to the young lady.

"Here is a little present for you. It's a solo CD recorded ten years ago. The title track is the song you just heard me singing"

"That is sweet. I will listen to it at home. I am not a musician myself but you certainly wrote a catchy song. It's still in my ears. You could have a hit with that song if you'd write a nice arrangement"

"When I wrote the song, I heard the arrangement in my head. But that's not on the CD. Just my voice and an old 12 string guitar. As it happens, an old friend from school surfaced recently. He made many recordings of me in my early days as a singer-songwriter. He always insisted that there was a hit potential in my songs. I gave him this solo CD and he is now looking for suitable musicians in England. We have plans to record a few of my old songs with a band. The only problem is that I don't hear myself anymore when I'm singing. My ears were damaged after a bad concussion and there is a constant noise in my head. But it's my intention to give it a try"

The young lady put the CD in her bag and then looked at her photographer.

"You have all the ingredients at hand to create a revival, Lord Lentilux. You really don't need me to achieve that. All I can say is, go for it. But let's return to these blue cat eye glasses. They are fantastic and really, I am feeling as if they have been on my nose for ages. Completely natural. No big deal. I feel confident and beautiful"

"I can see that. You certainly look confident and beautiful, Nadya. But there is more. You are a clever young lady with many talents and enough determination. I'm sure that you can fulfill your dreams and aspirations, even without glasses if you change your mind"

"Can we go for another walk before your Lady arrives? You could tell me more about that trick. What was the name again, GOC? I would love to wear these cat eye glasses a bit longer. It will be hard to part with them"

"Yes, let's do that. I can get you a free pair of cat eye glasses in any prescription you like. This blue frame if it's still available, or a frame in the same style. I know several people who are quite knowledgeable about GOC and they can help you with the practical details"

"That sounds great, Mr. Photographer. How about one more portrait and then we'll hit the road"

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