woensdag 27 mei 2015

Nadya 149

"It's grand that we are thinking in parallel lines, Mr. Photographer. May I ask, what is your schedule for tomorrow? More shopping for Lady Lentilux? If you have some spare time tomorrow, we could meet here again and do a photo shoot with the glasses used at the Old Port"

"I will discuss the option with my Lady. But I doubt if we could recreate the situation. Remember that those glasses did not bring the real magic"

"You certainly have a point. May I ask, did you bring more strong glasses to Cyprus?"

"Yes, a few, including another magnificent pair of cat eye glasses"

"It would only take half an hour. where are you staying?"

"In Pissouri. Lady Lentilux agreed to pose for me in a couple of newly arrived glasses. But if we can meet at the Old Port tomorrow, I have one request"

"And that is?"

"I would like to take pictures of you in today's first outfit"

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