donderdag 21 mei 2015

Nadya 085 - 086

"That's brilliant, Nadya. Absolutely brilliant. You look stunning in these strong glasses"

"Thank you, Mr. Photographer"

"Can you describe the difference with all the previous glasses if there is any?"

"The only difference is that everything looks much smaller and further away. I once looked through my father's binoculars in the wrong way and this has the same effect but less extreme"

"How does it make you feel? Perhaps a silly question but I'm asking you anyway, for the record"

"I feel a bit secluded but protected as well. It's great to see the world from this distant perspective and it makes me wonder...."

"Feel free to express yourself"

"Later. We need to talk. But I prefer to keep these glasses on for a few more moments and then try another strong pair"

"Of course, Nadya, we will proceed as you suggested"

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