donderdag 21 mei 2015

Nadya 101

Lord Lentilux handed the young lady a pair of strong glasses. She put them up straightaway and he had the impression that her eyes adjusted to the lenses with ease. But her behavior was different than before. She looked slightly withdrawn, avoiding eye contact with her avid photographer. There was a long silence.

"Hi Nadya, excuse me for interrupting your thoughts"

"Please give me some more time to contemplate"

"Alright, take you time. There is no rush"

The young lady took her time. A couple of minutes at least. Then she said, without looking at her photographer

"The magic is back. It's time for our talk but I need glasses with a very solid frame first. That may give me the protection I need for our talk. And I want to wear those glasses throughout our talk. Can you live with that? And do you have a big, chunky pair of strong glasses in the box?"

"Indeed I have. Put them on and talk to me as soon as you are up to it. Take your time"

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