zondag 30 november 2014

Jennifer 032

"Hey Lord Lentilux, where is the magic you promised me? These are all nice glasses but I feel nothing of a time machine"
"You are absolutely right, Jennifer. Perhaps it's the busy traffic and the modern surroundings that prevent the magic to happen. Or maybe the glasses aren't strong enough. The stronger the glasses, the more chance that something magic happens"
"Stronger glasses? I thought you said that all these glasses are prescription, or?"
"Yes, they are, but only very mild prescription. None of the ladies who once owned these pairs was handicapped without her glasses"
"I certainly did not feel handicapped when I put these glasses on. It was a comfortable experience and I would not mind needing any of these glasses in the future"
"I have lots of strong glasses in my suitcase but you might not feel comfortable posing in them in a standing position. May I suggest that we walk to the old part of the city and find a place where you can sit down? Preferably a place with more shelter against the wind. I saw a beautiful place an hour before we met. Can't think of the name right now, but it's only a few blocks away. Do you have some more time for our experiment or shall we call it a day?"
"No way, I really prefer to carry on and witness the magic"
"That's the spirit. If my memory serves me correctly, the name of the place was a garden"
"I can only think of one nearby place called after a garden. Yellow houses?"
"Yes, yellow houses, very picturesque"
"That's a place called Hedmanska Garden. Yes, fine with me. We will have more shelter there so I can give your coat back when we get there. Let's go"
"One more picture as an encore to the first part, please"

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