vrijdag 14 november 2014

Iris 165

Arguably the best portrait of this remarkable series of lovely Iris in Formlenti glasses, Rx -16. This is in the same league as the much acclaimed performance by Carla at the catwalk during the opening of my first photography exhibition, four years ago. Carla had a prescription of minus two, just like Iris, yet she managed to do the second round of the catwalk in five inch spikes, wearing the Flair glasses with blended myodisc lenses (Rx -14) shown in the previous series.
I love the expression and the direct eye contact in this portrait is quite natural and credible indeed. There is no way of telling that these are not her own glasses. The model's own prescription is minus two and for the record, no use is ever made of GOC (glasses over contacts) in any of my photo shoots. Some models just have that exceptional quality, showing in a convincing way that a beautiful young woman in extremely strong glasses is not a contradicto in terminis.
Thank you, Iris, for surpassing yourself once again!

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