zondag 30 november 2014

Jennifer 011

Let's pick up the script posted with photo 001.

"Lord Lentilux, can we stop for a moment? I feel a headache coming up, just as if somebody is stabbing me in the head"
"I am sorry to hear that, Jennifer. Ah, it's the old fellow behind you who is playing tricks. Hold on for a second...."
Jennifer heard a strange sound behind her, as if something was clipped or cut.
"That's it. Problem solved. You should feel better within a few seconds"
"This is amazing, Lord Lentilux. My headache is gone"
"That's grand. It's good that you felt no panic. May I ask, what is your profession?"
"I'm an actress"
"Well, well.... I have to say that you are acting cool, calm and collected when you are stabbed"
"Maybe it has to do with the genre I'm used to do as an actress"
"Now let me guess.... Did you ever meet Frankenstein?"
"Not the man himself but there are more creeps like that, still in the flesh. The horror movie scene. Don't tell me that you are a descendant of his"
"No, no, not at all. I am more of the old hippie type. Shall we proceed?"
"Please do"
"Thank you. Just one more snap and then it's time for the next pair of glasses"

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