donderdag 13 november 2014

Iris 135

A fiction story was added in the narrative with photos 075 - 079 and here is the second part of the story. Again, yours truly was the fly on the wall, 35 years later and supported with a modern camera.

Twelve years after the chat in the garden with her good friend Carola, the hat addicted Lady Celia gave birth to a daughter who was the splitting image of her proud mother. Equally beautiful, wide eyed, blonde hair and all the rest of it. Let's call her Iris, it's a name I gave to my daughter when she was born. Iris inherited her mother's fascination with hats but she was considerably more myopic than her mother, a fact attributed to her premature birth. Her mother Celia always remained close friends with Carola, so much so that Iris called her Aunt Carola since childhood. Celia emigrated a few years back and she allowed Iris to live in her house in the Netherlands. Aunt Carola remained a regular visitor to the house as she was fond of Iris and vice versa.

"Aunt Carola, what a nice surprise! Please come in. Shall we have tea in the garden? It's such a fine autumn day"
"Hello Iris, so nice to see you again. You look fantastic and I see you have new glasses. The pink color really suits you"
"Thank you, aunt Carola. And I see that you now wear glasses as well"
"Yes dear, the glasses.... Old age, I presume. They are progressives but I also need them for seeing in the distance"
"They are nice, very nice indeed. Much better than your readers. Please take a seat in the garden and I will bring you a nice cup of tea"

After the tea was served, Carola took another look at Iris and then hesitated.
"What's the matter, aunt Carola?"
"There is something different about your new glasses, or am I mistaken?"
"Yes, it's the lenses, I had a major increase. My old glasses were minus eight and these are minus ten. I'm getting used to them now"

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