vrijdag 14 november 2014

Iris 146

"Credible posing, Mr. Photographer? What about some incredible posing?"
"Call it any way you like, Iris. All I can say is that you are looking incredibly beautiful"
"How do I look? Is this combination over the top?"
"That depends on the situation. It's perfect for a photo shoot. And you would be the belle of the ball in this outfit at many parties"
"Sounds as if it's not suitable for an average working day at an office, or?"
"It might be OK at work if you have a flexible boss with a sense of humor"
"I will chew on that. Shall we continue? Do you want me to switch to myodisc glasses?"
"Have you run out of new glasses already? I think there were a couple more of them in the box"
"OK, I will have a look"

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