zondag 16 november 2014

Iris 181

This fine capture of smiling Iris in contemporary glasses by Zenni (Rx -8) concludes a wonderful photo shoot. Iris is the 61st Lady behind Crystal Veil.

A special word of thanks goes to my life partner Nel for the use of her house, garden, hats and last but not least, for bringing Iris under my attention. It's great to be with a partner who has been supporting this time consuming photography project for five years. I doubt if there would have been any photo shoots at all without you in my life - you were my first model ever and the whole thing started with you. Thank you, dear!

Iris, it was a real pleasure to do this photo shoot with you, for many reasons. You were pleasant company and you did an outstanding job at the posing. You clearly have an excellent taste for glasses, expecting beforehand which pairs might suit you and which pairs would not work for you. Your decision to concentrate on the larger frames of the 1970's and 1980's really worked out well. Given the chance, I always try to recreate images seen in the streets during those glorious decades. When we came to the second part, featuring the stronger glasses, your posing got even better than it was when we started. You clearly have a talent for using your imagination and this contributed greatly to the results. You told me that you only did two previous photo shoots but it's safe to say that your posing quality could easily compete with that of many freelance models. I look forward to do another photo shoot with you soon so that we can use the glasses that were left when we ran out of time. And of course, you will have the time and opportunity to choose from the glasses that are still available in the new collection. Thank you for a memorable afternoon and a splendid photo shoot, and till soon!

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