zaterdag 29 november 2014

Jennifer 001

Glasses: Silhouette 1899, made in 1998
[L: -0.50; c-0.50 v / R: 0 / bif add 3.00]

An attractive young lady called Jennifer met an eccentric old man with a giant suitcase when waiting for a bus near the station of Malmö. It came to a nice conversation in which the old man told the young lady that he had a collection of magic glasses in the suitcase. He introduced himself as Lord Lentilux, from the poor side of a once wealthy dynasty.He also claimed that he could bring people in a temporary time machine with the magic powers in the glasses. Jennifer happened to be an actress and she became curious to see the glasses. The old man obligingly opened his suitcase and much to Jennifer's surprise, it was filled with pizza boxes. The old man opened one of the boxes and took out a pair of glasses.
"May I ask, do you wear contact lenses?"
"No, my eyes are OK, perfect eyesight as far as I know"
"Then these might be a good pair for starters"
Jennifer put on the glasses and she noticed something unusual.
"I can see perfectly with my right eye but not with my left eye. Are these prescription glasses?"
"Yes, for sure. They are bifocals. Do you mind if I take a picture?"
"No problem. Will you send me the picture once you get home?"
"Of course I will. It will be my pleasure"
"Do I look like a granny now?"
"Not at all, you really look attractive in these glasses"
"Where is the magic you were talking about?"
"Ah, it does not always work with the first pair of glasses. It may take a few dozen pairs but sooner or later, the magic will be there, I promise"
"You are a funny man, Lord Lentilux. May I ask, what brought you here? You are definitely not Swedish"
"No, I am not. But neither are you. Anyway, it was Lady Lentilux who brought me here. She was invited to attend a congress in Lund and she asked me to make the journey with her"
"So you make your own spouse program today?"
"Yes, you can call it like that"
"And now I am a part of that program"
"Only if you choose to be. You may be in a big hurry and if so, it's happy to meet and sorry to part"
"No, no. I like the unusual, the experimental. It would be nice to try some more of your glasses"
"It will be my pleasure. Keep the glasses on for a moment so that I can take your picture. Then we can walk a bit further. But I see you are almost shivering"
"I forgot to bring my coat. It's a bit colder than I expected"
"You can use my jacket if it's any good to you. No problem"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I have been a mountain climber for the past half century and that's what toughens you up"
"That's better"

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