vrijdag 14 november 2014

Iris 136

"I remember that your mother was worried when she had an increase herself. Her optician told her that she should wear her new glasses full time. Do you know why she was worried?"
"No, I don't. Mommy never told this to me. Was it serious?"
"No, it was not serious, it was actually quite funny. She was not worried about the increase or the glasses. She was worried about her hats"
"What do you mean? It makes no sense to me"
"Ah dear, it was like this. Celia liked her glasses as a bit of variation to her looks. And when she was told to wear them full time, she was worried that her new glasses would not match with all her hats"
"That's a funny story. But Mommy had a point. I can't wear my black hat with these pink glasses"
"Exactly, dear. But her worries were over after I gave her an advice"
"May I ask, what did you advise her?"
"It was quite simple. I said, why don't you buy some more glasses, in different colors? And that's what she did. We went to her optician and she bought three different pairs. It took us two hours before she made her choice"
"So that was the start of her glasses collection?"
"It was, dear, absolutely. And I have to admit that I was a bit jealous with her. Hats never suited me and I did not need glasses. I had my eyes tested that afternoon but the optician said that there was no need to get myself a pair"
"I am thinking about bringing my old glasses to the optician and have them fitted with my new prescription. It's the same frame and I always liked the peach color. But my lenses are very expensive. These new glasses already cost me a fortune"
"Do you get any reactions on your new glasses? I was a bit worried when I got my glasses. Jokes about old age and so on. But nobody was teasing me and I even got a few nice compliments. I am a bit longsighted now so the glasses make my eyes look a bit bigger than they are"
"They do, I can see that. You look so friendly and relaxed in your glasses, aunt Carola. But my glasses make my eyes look smaller. Minus ten is a high prescription. I'm glad that I have my big Bambi eyes. And the new lenses are thicker than the old ones but nobody noticed. I am getting lots of sweet compliments about my new glasses"
"You made an excellent choice with the frame, dear"
"My optician said the same thing. The arms are nice. They hide the thickness of the lenses. And I am used to wearing glasses. To be honest, I don't mind wearing glasses. They are a part of me. Take it or leave it. My only worry is that my eyes may get even worse in the future but my optician said that I will be fine"
"I always liked your confidence about your glasses"
"Thank you, aunt Carola. I really think that many girls make too much fuss about their glasses. They call them coke bottles and they call themselves blind. It's a bit silly. Their glasses are not half as strong as mine"
"You are a wise girl, dear Iris. You have more confidence than your mother had at your age"
"It's so nice that you told me the story about Mommy. Now, shall I get us a cup of tea?"
"Yes, please"

End of story. Iris did not need to worry about her strong glasses. She simply looked stunning in them. The same goes for model Iris. Hat off for the superb posing! There is no way of telling that these are not her own glasses.

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