zaterdag 15 november 2014

Iris 172

My photo shoots are not only about beautiful frames but also documentaries about the lenses. Let's zoom in a bit further and show some special effects created by the transition zone in blended myodisc lenses. Here the model's left eye is slightly elongated, as if she did a little trick with her make up. In reality, the corner of the left eye is magnified by the positive carrier lens. Another interesting detail can be seen in the lens for the model's right eye. The lines in the hat look folded and again, this is caused by the gradual transition from minus thirteen in the central "bowl" to the magnifying carrier lens that surround it. A similar fold can be seen in the model's cheek. I will never forget my first sighting of a lady in blended myodisc glasses. This was in 1988 and I did not know about this new lens type. It was fascinating to see how the aspect of her eyes changed with even the slightest movement of her head. It was only when I came across the Flair glasses and the pair shown here by Iris that the riddle of the mysterious changes was solved. During the opening of my first exhibition, my life partner Nel posed in this pair and a highly experienced model called Carla posed in the Flair glasses for some video clips. These can be seen on You Tube under my user name Lentilux.

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