zaterdag 15 november 2014

Iris 173

Confident posing by smiling Iris who was well aware that she was starring in a very special series of portraits. No doubt, it took some time to get used to wearing blended myodisc lenses if you needed them in everyday life. My partner Nel can see quite well through the glasses shown here by Iris and she gave me a vivid description of the ghostly images produced by the transition zone from the bowls to the carrier lenses. She used these glasses during the catwalk at my exhibitions in Enschede and in Germany and afterwards, she told me that the best way keep solid on her feet was to look straight through the center of the lenses. She was forced to move her head constantly instead of relying on the peripheral vision offered by the high index lenses in her own glasses. This reminded me once more of the lady in Kufstein who kept moving her head constantly when I saw her in 1988. She must have been completely used to wearing her blended myodisc glasses, given her liveliness and confidence. It's a great pity that the introduction of blended myodisc lenses in the 1980's was not promoted by a series of photos and video clips made by professional models and photographers. About 2% of all shortsighted girls and women have a prescription of above minus ten. I'm fairly certain that such promotional work would have given these glasses more popularity among optician's clients.

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