maandag 30 september 2013

Bonnie 188

Cobra from Austria made some remarkable glasses during the 1980's. One modest example, fitted with bifocal lenses, was shown by Bonnie earlier on and here is a giant Cobra. The glasses were obtained in a most hospitable charity shop in Wales, twelve years ago. The three old ladies who ran the shop were intrigued by my request for used glasses and they produced an immense box filled to the brim with glasses. During my selection, they let me partake of their advice and in the end, I had to insist to make them accept a few pounds for my selection.

The Cobra glasses are shown here by Bonnie to illustrate their contrast with the preceding Invicta glasses. Here is an example where the glasses are complementary to the model's facial shape. Judge for yourself if you prefer this frame or the preceding Invicta frame.  

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