maandag 30 september 2013

Bonnie 157 - 159

Bonnie has a prescription with +2.25 astigmatism and these bifocals by Cobra have no cylinders in the lenses. The section for long distance is close to Bonnie's prescription without cylinders and the reading add is +2.50, almost the same as the extra strength needed for the astigmatism. So here we see Bonnie using the reading segments, checking if she had a clearer view up close. Probably she would have been better off with a pair of glasses with +3.00 for one eye and +5.50 for the other eye. My collection hosts a couple of glasses with this prescription but I left them at home as the frames would not suit the model (or vice versa). Anyway, these portraits of Bonnie in her art book came out fine.

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