woensdag 25 september 2013

Bonnie 070

Cazal designed and manufactured a beautiful series of glasses during the 1980's. Their designers gave the frames a stamp of their own - always striking, never suitable for the fainthearted, and in most cases consistent. One could easily recognize a Cazal pair as "made by Cazal", even from the far end of the street.

A note about the shades under Bonnie's eyes: she does not have these shades when seen without glasses. The shades are simply the effect of the light through the magnifying lenses. I could have removed the shades but that would take away the reality of glasses for long sight. The effect is even stronger through the Cazal glasses as the lenses are varifocals with a strong reading add, above +3. This means that the shade of the frame falls in an area where the lenses are between +7 and +8. No doubt, these glasses were first bought by a grey haired lady. Here Bonnie shows that granny glasses can be used to great effect on a young face as well - provided the granny in question was a bold lady of wealth and taste.

An apology is due to the staff of People's Park in Limerick. Some heavy editing was used in this portrait, removing a lot of light on (and between) the trees in the background. Be assured, folks. We left the trees - and indeed the whole park - in the same fine conditions as we found upon our arrival :).

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