woensdag 25 september 2013

Bonnie 059

This beautiful portrait of Bonnie is among my favourites in this remarkably strong series by Bonnie posing in the Viennaline glasses. The reflection of the trees and the clear sky in the lenses adds something special to the expression in the model's eyes. Besides, this portrait has all the hallmarks of what glasses for long sight can add to a young lady's face. The attention of the viewer is directly pointed at the wide eyes because the lenses give no information about the background which is an often prominent feature in portraits with shortsighted models.
The expression of the lips is always important in portraits of very shortsighted models. The eyes look smaller and as a result, the lips serve as "Kontrapunkt" (counter point). The lips seem much bigger than they actually are. One would expect the reverse effect in a portrait of a model in glasses for long sight but here Bonnie manages a beautiful balance by the expression in the lips. Excellent posing indeed. Hat off for Bonnie!

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