woensdag 11 juni 2014

Sandra 240

This fine encore portrait of lovely Sandra posing in trifocal Cazal glasses from the mid 1990's concludes her wonderful photo shoot. Sandra is the 57th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

A word of thanks is due to Frank and Maureen from England for their generous donation of these beautiful Cazal glasses. Much appreciated!

Sandra, it's high time for an innocent confession. You had already caught my attention as a potential model - there was that indefinable quality. One day, I saw you in glasses and grabbed my courage together, which resulted in the (not exactly everyday) invitation to do a photo shoot. Your spontaneous, open minded reaction was heartening - "I have never done a real photo shoot before but it sounds like a fun idea.".

It was my pleasure to witness your selection of the glasses. Clearly the way a lady picks glasses that might suit her style, pretty much the same way as in an optician's shop but with the advantage that many glasses gave you fair - and sometimes even perfect - eyesight. Models with perfect eyesight have an entirely different way of selecting glasses prior to their photo shoot as everything about glasses is new to them.

The photo shoot itself was a treat. There was no rush. You were generous with your time and this greatly facilitated both of us. When we started shooting, you soon got into your stride and yes, that indefinably quality was there in glorious plenty. You made a wise choice, asking me to give clear directions for each next portrait. Every photo shoot is different and in my opinion, a photographer should always adapt his modus operandi to whatever makes his model feel comfortable. Over the years, several seasoned freelance models told me that this adaptation is often absent when they are posing for professional photographers hired by agencies. My project is about prescription glasses but above all, it's about ladies who feel comfortable in their glasses or even wear them with pride. Call it "turning a disadvantage into an advantage".

We started the photo shoot with half a dozen glasses near your own prescription and then you picked the Flair glasses out of the box. Minus fourteen is a different ball game than your familiar minus five but you managed quite well. It's mainly a matter of using one's imagination when posing in glasses that create a massive blur. From then on, I knew that you could pose in a wide variety of glasses and still look good.

Sandra, it was my privilege and honour to work with you. Thank you so much for an agreeable afternoon on the university campus and for the many wonderful portraits!    

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