dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Sandra 231

These tiny orange glasses were sent to me by Steve (SGS) from China, exactly four years ago. Aside from the rather unusual frame color, these glasses are remarkable because the use of myodiscs was avoided, in spite of the extreme lens Rx (minus 23). The tiny lenses are over half an inch thick at the sides.
Just after the glasses arrived, the World Championship Football was held in South Africa and the Dutch team somehow managed to reach the finals. These glasses were often used by my company when the tension during a match became unbearable - bad fouls, penalties to be taken etc. After the tournament, the glasses were used in at least seven photo shoots with amateur and freelance models. With another World Championship about to start, it seemed a good idea to have the Dutch Football Glasses featured in another photo shoot. This fine portrait was taken near the very end of this photo shoot and Sandra was not bothered by the excessive prescription of the lenses. Good!

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