vrijdag 6 juni 2014

Sandra 175

The striking frame and the touch of mystery created by the tinted lenses are great but these Cazal glasses are also of interest because Maureen chose to have them fitted with trifocal lenses instead of progressives. Trifocal lenses were an invention of the late 1960's but they never became widely popular and after the introduction of progressive lenses, trifocal glasses soon became white ravens in the streets. My collection only hosts a dozen trifocal glasses and my last sighting of a lady in trifocals was about eight years ago. Needless to say, progressive lenses thank their popularity to the fact that they have no visible demarcation lines. Maureen made an excellent choice with these tinted trifocal lenses. The demarcation lines are barely visible. Taking this fine portrait took a lot of navigation and patience from the model's side - my aim was to find a vantage point from which the demarcation lines could be shown - but Sandra did an excellent job.

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