woensdag 4 juni 2014

Sandra 105 - 106

After the generous reaction of the Silhouette company on my request to put a year of manufacture on their glasses in my collection, I sent a similar request to Rodenstock. Their initial reply was encouraging but eventually, nothing came of it. A pity - my collection hosts over 150 pairs of Rodenstock glasses and the information would have been more than welcome. The information from Silhouette confirmed most of my educated guess work but in the case of Rodenstock, there are some cases where I cannot be quite sure. The white glasses shown here by Sandra are such an example. The frame style would suggest that they were made in the early or even mid 1980's but that would contradict with the serial number that puts these white glasses a few years before the previous Rodenstock pair shown by Sandra. I'm fairly sure that this pair was already on the market when I moved from Amsterdam to Enschede in the winter of 1980/81.

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