vrijdag 11 november 2016

Clare 167

This fine portrait of lovely Clare in Formlenti glasses from China marks the end of her wonderful photo shoot in which over fifty glasses were shown. Clare is the 79th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

My first photographer mentor Jan Hesselink always said, "Finding a good model is half the job" and he was absolutely right. My first step in the preparation for photo shoots abroad is posting a casting call on Model Mayhem, a worldwide meeting place for professional models and photographers. So far, my experience with this forum has always been excellent. Each casting call leads to far more applications than jobs available, and the average posing quality of the models is quite good. The continuing interest among models all over Europe keeps surprising me. Many models mention the fact that I have a rather unique niche in the field and that it's a pleasant occasion to do "something different" than the average photo shoot. The days after posting a casting call are always hectic. Some models don't realize that each photo shoot in prescription glasses calls for a thorough preparation from my side. It's impossible to select the best glasses for a model without knowing her prescription. I also need to know the PD (distance between both eye pupils) as this is to her face what dress size is to her body. So candidates have to do a bit of home work before they get the job. Some models drop out during this phase so the large amount of applications comes handy. One of my criteria during the selection of models is motivation and understanding what the job is about.

Clare was a fine example of a model who immediately understood the nature of my project. She wrote "I thought I would be perfect for your shoot. Eyewear is very important to me as I'm blind without it". She also sent me her prescription and PD straightaway. Unfortunately my schedule was already full so all I could offer was the chance of a cancellation - which in fact took place. There was just enough time to select the glasses for Clare before catching the train to Berlin.

When Clare arrived for her photo shoot, we got along great immediately. She was bight, cheerful and we had lots to talk about besides glasses. This continued when we did the photo shoot. Clare was motivated, a hard worker who took directions quite well. Highly concentrated when required, but the fun was never far away. Clare was not bothered by anything, not even when we made the switch to myodisc glasses. She managed to produce credible, natural looks in every prescription. A perfect ambassador for the project. And she is blessed with the most gracious hands. Incredible elegance. The photos testify to that. It all went by itself. All in all, over fifty glasses were used, including many in the short lived compact style of the mid 1960's.

Clare was amazed by the strong glasses in my collection: "I always thought that my own glasses were quite strong. All my friends in glasses have milder prescriptions". A real eye opener. Minus five is quite a common prescription. A few weeks later, it was my privilege to give her a guided tour in the old part of my native Amsterdam. It was Clare who discovered a private glasses museum - bless her eyesight - so we inspected the collection. It was a fine afternoon. Talk until the cows come home.

Clare, thank you so much for your unique contribution to the project! And yes, whenever my travels lead to Berlin again, I will contact you. A promise is a promise....

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