vrijdag 4 november 2016

Clare 069

The glasses with the roses were ultra cheap and they came in at least four different colours. This brown pair was ordered six years ago, just after two high myopic ladies reacted on a newspaper interview about my up coming exhibition with "Ladies behind crystal veil". Unfortunately, one of these ladies had to cancel her photo shoot eventually. The other model was called Petra and she applied for a special reason. She would get IOL implants soon and doing a photo shoot would be a fine occasion for her to say goodbye to her strong contact lenses and glasses. The strong glasses with the roses were subsequently featured in seven more photo shoots (Petra 282, Jolien 219, Marieke 260, Nel 407, Doreen 222, Leah 161, Abeer 239, Juliette 133). Here lovely Clare joins their ranks in her own charming and credible way.

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