vrijdag 4 november 2016

Clare 072

Here is another Zenni pair ordered six years ago with the two high myopic models in mind. The tiny frame is simple but elegant and ideally suited to models with a fairly small PD. When the glasses arrived, it was a pleasant surprise that Zenni fitted them with high index lenses without any additional charge. I always order glasses with their standard 1.57 lenses, for two reasons. One is of course the price, but the standard lenses also look more accentuated than high index lenses. This small pair was instantly liked by models and many of them selected them for photo shoots (e.g. Karen 277, Jolien 204, Marieke 291, Leonne 184, Claudine 083, Claudia Allegonda 037, Iris 153, Nel 399 / 454, Leah 157, Colleen 183, daughter Esther 165, Doreen 219).

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