donderdag 10 november 2016

Clare 163

Another "which of me do you like best" portrait of Clare in early 1970's myodisc glasses, this time taken "en face". For the record, the glasses were featured in one preceding photo shoot, last year with Claudine (204) who did a fine job posing in the nostalgic setting of a graveyard. Ever since, I was curious to have these extraordinary glasses tried out on a next occasion. The lot fell on Clare because of the small PD. A striking contrast, an entirely different mood board. It's always great to see and compare the way a new model brings life to a vintage pair of glasses. When the project started, my sole aim was to have each and every pair of glasses in my collection shown by a model. That's how the weblog started, in complete obscurity and without any plan to receive the attention of viewers. Simply a digital catalog. It still amazes me how fast the perspective changed over the years, but the changes were challenging and inspiring. So let's proceed with this amazing journey....

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