dinsdag 8 november 2016

Clare 120

Having a giant collection of prescription glasses in the house was never seen as something that could be of any practical use. However, twenty years ago it was of use one day when my daughter stayed with me for the weekend and she had a problem with her contact lenses. She was thirteen and had to go to school early next morning. So I quickly went through my collection, knowing her approximate prescription which was around minus eight at the time. The Luxottica glasses shown here by Clare were the pair that came closest to my daughter's prescription, PD and facial shape. Being thirteen and rebellious, she called them "those stupid glasses" but it helped her out and that was the main thing. Lovely Clare liked the Luxottica glasses a lot better than my daughter did, but of course posing for a minute is different than having to wear them at school for a day or two!

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