dinsdag 8 november 2016

Clare 117

My praise to Rodenstock for their design of this Bettina frame is sincere. They manage to give the viewer the impression that the glasses are not all that strong. But that's only half the story. Much credit goes to lovely Clare for her cheerful, natural way of posing. Needless to say that I gave her tons of compliments. Her own prescription is minus five and the glasses are minus eleven. Yet there is no sign of any strain, not the slightest visible discomfort in her expression and direct eye contact. There is no way of telling that these are not her own glasses and that all she saw was a massive blur. All her posing was excellent but this series in the Bettina glasses stands out. Clare fulfills the perfect ambassador role for my project, showing in a convincing manner that a young woman can look gorgeous in glasses, even when the lenses are quite strong. Thank you, Clare, for this fantastic series!

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