vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Simona 189

"Hey Simona, what's the matter with you?"
"Didn't you hear anything unusual, Mr. Photographer?"
"I'm afraid I didn't"
"I heard a strange noise, just as if someone came down with a parachute"
"That would be highly unlikely after nightfall, don't you think?"
"Even though these glasses are way too strong, I swear I saw something coming down"
"Dear Simona, I hope that your myopia has not progressed by the posing. It's impossible but what you just said is alarming. Please take off the glasses and put your own glasses on"

Simona then looked in my direction and said,
"I can see there's somebody standing right behind you. No details through these glasses but yes, a man"
Before I could turn around, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Then a voice of a man, in antiquated Dutch:

"Excuse me for the interruption. Vermeer of ladies in glasses, I presume?"
I did not move. Sometimes I'm a bit slow.

The stranger removed his hand and stepped forward so that I could see him. Amazing figure of a man, early sixties, an artist type dressed in what seemed to be 17th century style
"Allow me to introduce myself to both of you. My name is Van Rijn"
"May I ask what brings you here?"
"I saw you and your fantastic model at work. I realize that you may be running out of time so I will not interfere. My only request is, may I sit next to you and draw one or two sketches of the lady while you are at work?"
I translated the request to Simona.
"It's fine with me if you are comfortable with it"

The stranger produced some drawing equipment and sat down next to me.
"Please proceed with your Camera Obscura. I will not interfere with the posing or anything you are doing. It will not take long"

Simona asked me
"Do I have to take off the glasses?"
"No, please keep them on. He will not interfere with our photo shoot"

Quick as lightning, the artist started drawing. He was clearly a master at his trade. Totally absorbed in what he was doing.

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