woensdag 29 januari 2014

Simona 134

The black hipster style is all about "showing rather than hiding" and these rectangular glasses with solid arms surely make their presence felt. Models took to this Zenni pair right from the start of my project. The first to pose in them was a highly experienced catwalk and photo model called Carla, late 2009. The impact of her classic posing style remained the standard for the next couple of years. New standards were added after joining Model Mayhem - Melissa Houben and Sohaila Lindheim spring to mind, both blondes like Carla - and after seeing Simona's impressive portfolio I felt lucky having the black hipster glasses on board. When Simona saw the black hipster glasses, she needed no encouragement to give them a try, even though she had to rely on my opinion. All Zenni glasses in my collection are fitted with lenses of minus eight and some in the higher prescription of my life partner Nel. My project is not just about fashion and frames, the effect of the lenses is just as important. It's safe to say that Simona has added yet another standard to the project.

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