donderdag 30 januari 2014

Simona 145 - 149

More portraits at nightfall on Bray beach showing gorgeous posing by Simona in pink Zenni glasses, Rx minus eight. Simona has a mild prescription just below minus two so the switch to the contemporary glasses also implied a switch to another world. Here the power of imagination takes over, pretty much the same way a very shortsighted young lady is dealing with her surroundings when she puts off her glasses. At this stage of the photo shoot, models often mention the new experience of facing a massive blur. I then explain to them that they now "see" what the owner of the glasses "sees" without glasses. This is an "eye opener" to many models with perfect or almost perfect eyesight. Simona adjusted rapidly to the new situation, delivering one great portrait after the other. The element of stilling in the model's posing is quite impressive.

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