woensdag 29 januari 2014

Simona 135

All Zenni glasses in my collection are fitted with lenses of minus eight and some in the higher prescription of my life partner Nel. My project is not just about fashion and frames, the effect of the lenses is just as important. This is why my photo shoots are divided in two sections. The first half features glasses with a Rx close to the model's own prescription and the second half is devoted to strong glasses. Here Simona is looking at the sky. This is a useful trick when first posing in glasses that only create a massive blur. The brain tells the eyes that there is nothing of interest to focus on. Imagination takes over and this often leads to impressive, slightly surrealistic portraits. The general mood of such portraits was aptly described by a female visitor in the guest book of my first exhibition: "Quiet, bordering to serene". It did not take Simona long to add a few dimensions of her own but this is a portrait that matches the description by the visitor of my exhibition. Grand!

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