zondag 26 januari 2014

Simona 051 - 052

Simona is in her mid twenties so the orange Neostyle glasses were made twenty years before she was born. My collection hosts examples of every style that was popular during the past century and many models find it a fascinating experience to pose in styles they never come across in a contemporary optician's shop. Simona loves glasses and it was a pleasure to watch her during the selection process and hear her comments. Much of her fascination may be explained that she only got her first pair of glasses less than a year before this photo shoot. She did not hesitate a second when she saw these orange glasses and she was absolutely right! When posing in them on the beach, Simona said that the glasses gave her perfect eyesight. These two portraits belong to my favourites in the section of the glasses with mild prescriptions. If Simona had been around in 1969, sporting these glasses, the world would have laid at her feet! But there is always a second chance....

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