zondag 26 januari 2014

Simona 044 -045

These striking glasses by Lozza are named "Ellabella" (she is beautiful) and this certainly goes for Simona, whether posing in the Lozza glasses or in any other pair. On her modeling site, Simona describes herself as follows: "My best assets are unique look, eyes and smile". This is all true but having said that - Simona, may I add a few more assets? One is a beautiful bone structure. I am not alone in this. Several people who passed us on the beach said this to me when I met them again the next day. Next, your full lips are great. The lips are the counter point in the composition of any face, especially in glasses. The viewer's eyes are first drawn to the eyes, then to the lips and finally to the ensemble (the composition) of the face. Another asset is your hair, especially in combination with the black jack and the glasses - a striking contrast which was especially effective during the final part of your photo shoot. Another asset, in my opinion, is that your way of posing is not a role played on stage but rather an extension of your character behind the scene. This struck me during the photo shoot and even more so after seeing the portraits appearing on the PC. To sum it up briefly, you are a gorgeous model but also a wonderful lady in real life.

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