zondag 30 oktober 2016

Monique 108

These make up glasses were acquired around the turn of the Millennium and they were then fitted with lenses of +2.50. When I met my life partner Nel in 2008, it stuck me that she really had to put the tip of her nose to the mirror when she was doing her eye make up. So when the first anniversary of our relation was approaching, I paid a secret visit to her optician and asked them if they could fit the make up glasses with Nel's prescription for reading. Nel was quite surprised with her present and she soon gave the make up specs a try. Unfortunately, she never got used to them. The pattern of a lifetime is hard to change.... So half a year later, she gave me back the glasses, suggesting that they might come handy at photo shoots. Models who posed in them include Rachel (150), Farishta (581), Jolien (120), Osi (237), Leah (209), Abeer (182) and more recently, Cat in Paris. Here Monique joins their ranks, pointing away her eyes from the camera in order to avoid the flash light.

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