dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Monique 039

Conflicting opinions are held among photographers about allowing the presence of an escort during a photo shoot with a new model. I always meet a model's request to bring along an escort. Whatever makes a model feel at ease is not only beneficial to the quality of her posing but also to the way she looks back on her photo shoot with me. If the model does not remember it with a smile on her face, I consider the photo shoot a failure. My experience with escorts is that they keep their word and never interfere with the actual photo shoot, except when invited to serve as a beacon for the model. This quite often leads to expressions and posing with more liveliness than the usual serious, concentrated posing. My photo shoots are documentaries about prescription glasses and it's good to include at least some portraits taken in real life situations. A seasoned model, Monique did not bring an escort so it was nice to capture the few moments Wassja joined us on the terrace.

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