dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Monique 038

I'm not a religious man, and no follower of any particular stream within philosophy either - with one exception which so far has received no mention in philosophy text books. Here is a confession. I'm an avid follower of "coffee centered thinking". Getting a new day started calls for several huge mugs of fresh coffee. Unfortunately, the kitchen in our studio apartment in Berlin was equipped with one of those fancy coffee machines that only produce a thimble of coffee instead of a mug. My life partner Nel - bless her eyesight - mentioned to me that there was a coffee bar with a bargain price next to the shopping mall around the corner. The morning of the first full day in Berlin was devoted to the search for suitable nearby locations to do the photo shoots. Coffee centered thinking led me straight to the terrace just mentioned by Nel. The owner of the place turned out to be a generous man, and not only with the quantity of his coffee. We had a good long talk on the terrace about life in general and then about my photography project. Wassja kindly gave me permission to use his premises for the up coming photo shoot with Monique. He kept himself in the background except for serving us huge mugs of free coffee, but at one point he joined us for a few moments. Here Monique is looking at Wassja who kindly served as a beacon for her.  

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