maandag 24 oktober 2016

Monique 017

Glasses: Packard, 1980's
[L: -6.50 / R: -5.50; c-0.50 v]

The first part of the photo shoot with Monique took place at the terrace of a coffee bar at Rudower Chaussee, opposite the building where the congress took place. It's easier to pose in stronger glasses seated than standing. This photo marks the jump to the stronger glasses. These pink Packard glasses are definitely 1980's but it's impossible to be more precise. Packard apparently was a brand but so far it's impossible to find out more about their history. They may have been a part of Hewlett Packard.
There is no anti-reflective coating on the lenses and as a result, this is the only of six photos that can be posted here. The glare in the other five photos was simply too much.  

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