vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

Maria 130

This fine photo of Maria as a happy young lady in pink outfit and new pink glasses concludes a memorable photo shoot in Sweden. Maria is the 60th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

A word of thanks goes to Maria's companion Sergey for his sound advice and the lovely video clips he made of the selection process and the start of the photo shoot. Sergey, you were surprised by my stories about each pair of glasses - well, a bit of lecturing about the history of glasses is always part of my photo shoots. It's really two way traffic that way :).

Maria, it was my privilege and honor to work with you! I am looking back at our afternoon in Lund with a big smile on my face, not unlike your expression in the picture above.

The first thing that struck me was your thorough preparation for the task that laid ahead. Although you did not bring your own pair, it was immediately clear that you have an excellent taste for glasses and you knew quite well in advance which frames might suit you. It was my pleasure to watch your selection process on the terrace near the station and to hear your comments on each pair. The same goes for the feedback given by Sergey who has a fine taste for glasses himself. You were clearly aware that a good selection of glasses is half the job and this paid off during the actual photo shoot.

While working away in Lundagard Park, I was impressed by your dedication and stamina. It is my experience that models from Eastern Europe are not afraid of hard work and cold fingers. A sincere apology is due to both of you for taking considerably more of your time than anticipated. The flow was so good that I clean forgot about the time during the section with the strong glasses. If ever you change your mind about accepting a free pair of glasses in your own prescription as compensation for the extra work, do let me know. Most new pairs that we used during the second part of the photo shoot are still available.

Another aspect that struck me when working with you is that you really are an actress as well as a model. This capacity of acting greatly contributed to the outcome of the photo shoot.

And finally, thank you for the nice compliment about the songs on my solo CD, especially the title track "Crystal Veil". Your photo shoot as Lady behind Crystal Veil is a beautiful visual equivalent of what that signature song is all about. I wish you a brilliant future as a model and an actress.

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