woensdag 22 oktober 2014

Maria 077

"May I ask, how is your vision in these new cat eye glasses?"
"It's amazing, they seem to be perfect. I can see everything clear. Excuse me for asking, but who are you and what brought you here in Sweden?"
"My name is Lord Lentilux. My Lady has to attend a congress here in the area and she invited me to make the journey with her. I have never been in Sweden before so this is a bit of sightseeing".
"That's an unusual way of sightseeing, with a suitcase full of glasses"
"Not really, I'm seeing if your eyesight is fine with these new cat eye glasses"
"May I ask, are you an optician? And why do your glasses have prescription lenses? At the optician's they only have empty frames to choose. That's always difficult for me because I don't tolerate contact lenses and my prescription is quite strong"
"When I was at school, I wanted to become an optician but my father sent me to university. In my spare time, I collect prescription glasses, both vintage and new"
"How extraordinary. It's an amazing experience to try new glasses through which I can actually see"
"That's the whole idea. One day, I hope to show the opticians that they can improve their sales if they put photos in their shop windows with models posing in glasses that have the lenses they need in everyday life. It's a bit silly to see pictures of models posing in plano glasses or even empty frames"

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