dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Maria 069

Imagine to yourself a quite shortsighted young lady in search for a new pair of glasses. She always liked her stylish Silhouette glasses but she really wished that cat eye glasses would become available in the shops again. Around the turn of the Millennium, a young lady in her situation could dream on till the cows came home. All the opticians could offer were tiny, dull retro frames. To make things worse, the young lady in question did not tolerate contact lenses. So she would have to rely on the opinion of others to make her choice.
Would it not be ideal if she came across an eccentric man who owned a vast collection of glasses with lenses around her prescription of minus eight and who offered her to try them on? What if his collection would include a number of lovely cat eye glasses? And to make it even better, what if he offered her to try the glasses on a sunny day in a park instead of wasting a fine afternoon in a shop?

Here Maria is playing the part of the young lady in question, wearing her beautiful Silhouette glasses and weighing the pros and cons of two brand new cat eye glasses fitted with lenses near her own prescription of minus eight. A dilemma indeed, but a pleasant dilemma....

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