zondag 19 oktober 2014

Maria 038

Glasses: Gan Aimh, mid / late 1980's
[L: 0 ; -1.25 v / R: 0 ; -0.50 v]

Maria posing in a funny pair of glasses often forgotten about because of their minimal prescription. Just a bit of astigmatism, that's it. Whoever she was, the first owner of the glasses was a young lady with guts. I can think of few ladies daring to choose a frame with an asymmetry in colors. Perhaps the lady in question only used her glasses sporadically and this may have been a motive to go for something out of the ordinary. I selected this pair for the trip to Sweden with the other model in mind (her photo shoot will be posted later). That lady enjoys perfect eyesight but Maria really liked this pair, so why not? The frame shape is a perfect match with Maria's eyebrows. Regrettably, this is the only portrait in the series that came out sharp enough to be posted here - the risk of a photo shoot without the help of my tripod.

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