donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Maria 117

To throw in a bit of variation, Maria is looking at her hands and this would have made a lovely series if the photos had all come out sharp. Lundagard Park was a perfect place for a photo shoot but there were no suitable benches in the immediate vicinity of the Kungshuset building. As a result, the entire photo shoot had to be done without the aid of my tripod. Fortunately, this photo came out fine.

The famous Alfred Hitchcock had the habit to appear briefly in his own films as a supernumerary and here Maria's companion Sergey is performing the very same role. When I met Maria and Sergey at the station, their request was if Sergey could make some video clips of Maria and myself at work. Of course, no problem. My only request is that the model's companion does not interfere with the actual photo shoot itself as this might take away the flow between model and photographer. Sergey made some brief video clips when Maria was selecting the glasses on a terrace near the station and he also made video clips at the very start of the photo shoot. He posted them briefly on You Tube so that I could see the clips and they were really nice. Alas, the clips were gone by the time my life partner Nel checked You Tube to see them herself. Anyway, thanks to Sergey Hitchcock for his contribution to the afternoon, much appreciated!

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