vrijdag 8 januari 2016

Mirjam 188

Mission accomplished. Thumbs up.... A slightly tired but satisfied looking Mirjam is marking the end of her excellent, varied second photo shoot.

A word of thanks goes to Irma for her tireless catering work. The delicious hot Dutchies fortified us halfway the photo shoot.

Special thanks go to my life partner Nel for her continuing support of the project. In retrospect, 2015 was not a prolific year for photo shoots. Lots of extra energy were needed to round up my activities at work. Also, the preparations for the cultural festivities on the day of my retirement took far more time than anticipated. Three days after my retirement, we received bad news about my daughter Daphne who is now undergoing chemo therapy in her fight against breast cancer. It was Nel who recently gave me a gentle push in the back, urging me to do new photo shoots. A weekend trip to France is already booked and if all goes well, it will yield an interesting photo shoot with two excellent models. Further plans include casting calls for photo shoots in England and Ireland. Thank you, my love!

The excellent oil painting seen in the background of many photos was made by an established artist called Miriam Vleugels (not to be confused with model Mirjam).

Dear Mirjam, it was a treat to work with you again! Thank you for jumping in and of course, for the wonderful posing. Again, I was impressed by your ability to render natural, credible looks in glasses with a huge variety of prescriptions. It was interesting to hear your comments during the selection of glasses for the photo shoot. You have a keen eye for frame styles that suit you. This was clearly inspired by the many compliments you received for your looks in vintage glasses from Denmark. As we speak, a great pair of Zenni glasses is on its way to the Netherlands. If you like any of the modern frames you used in the new photo shoot, give me a shout and I will order them for you. Any novice GWG deserves a choice in the morning, not just with her outfit but also with fine glasses that match the outfit and mood of the day. I hope that you will find the new photos inspirational when it comes to frame choice. There are several styles that suit you perfectly. One final remark: it was wonderful to see you display your talent at free style posing again. Great! Thanks again - and let's try to find a date for another (brief) photo shoot with the 20 glasses left from your selection.

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