donderdag 7 januari 2016

Mirjam 186

The vast majority of contemporary glasses in my collection is fitted with lenses of minus eight. There are two reasons for this choice. One reason is that minus eight is a photogenic strength for portrait photography. Enough to show the effect of the lenses, but just within the range of sightings in the streets. Lenses in glasses look milder in portraits that they actually are in real life situations. Another reason is finance. Minus eight is the upper limit of lenses fitted by Zenni without charging additional money. This limit is often much lower with their competitors and that's why I stick to Zenni. Besides, their frames are more varied and often nicer than what is offered elsewhere. So far the choice for -8.00. However, occasionally I order glasses fitted with lenses in the prescription of my Lady Nel if a frame might suit her. Here Mirjam is posing in one of these stronger glasses.

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