woensdag 6 januari 2016

Mirjam 090

When Mirjam did her first photo shoot last summer, her frame choice was quite varied but showing good taste and especially a keen eye for styles that might suit her. For the new photo shoot, the latter aspect was even more important. Mirjam recently noticed that she was struggling while reading a power point presentation so she went to an optician for an eye test. The optician did a quick test and concluded that it was hardly worth the investment in a pair of glasses. The same thing happened to her six years ago when she had trouble driving a car at night. Opticians and Mirjam are not a fruitful combination.... Needless to say, a fine pair of Zenni glasses is already under way from Hongkong to the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Mirjam is sporting a beautiful pair of vintage glasses made by Pro Design from Denmark around 1990. After wearing the glasses for a few days, she told me that her headaches were gone and that she is getting tons of compliments for her looks in glasses.
The Silhouette glasses shown here by Mirjam have about the right prescription but the lenses are in poor shape. Good enough for posing anyway....

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