donderdag 7 januari 2016

Mirjam 139

Symmetry is an axiom in frame choice. This has to do with the concept that symmetric faces are more beautiful. In reality, every face is slightly asymmetrical and it's this "imperfection" that brings life and character to a face. The glasses shown here by Mirjam are a notable exception to the symmetry axiom. The glasses were acquired in Wales, over ten years ago. Their first owner was a full time wearer, although her prescription was quite mild. So my guess is that she really liked these unusual glasses. Of course there is symmetry in the frame shape so these glasses are funny rather than crazy. Five models preceded Mirjam in showing these glasses (Irma 015, Brigitta 030, Carla 026, Astrid 007, Battice 008) and it's interesting to compare their looks.

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