donderdag 7 januari 2016

Mirjam 146

Huge rimless glasses were a short lived hype during the late 1970's and here is a fine example of the style. My then life partner and I bought almost identical pairs in 1978 but neither of us was quite happy with the rimless glasses. There were no high index lenses in those days. In my case, the major difference (four diopter) between both lenses created instability as the strong lens was considerably heavier than the mild lens. My partner had a prescription of minus six and she was not happy with the remarks about the thickness of her lenses. We did not have the money to get the sides of the lenses faceted. There were two ways to reduce the problem. The cheaper solution (seen in the glasses shown here by Mirjam) was to have the side of the lens divided in two segments under an angle of about 120 degrees. The luxury alternative was to have the sides faceted like a Crystal Veil but the additional cost was well beyond our means. Anyway, it was worth a try....

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