maandag 14 december 2015

Linda 055

It's always rewarding for a photographer to have a fine model with a happy smile. Again, there is no way of telling that Linda has 20/20 vision without glasses. It rather looks as if she has 20/20 vision with these pink glasses. But after all, that is what good modelling is about.

This excellent portrait marks the end of this brief but pleasant photo shoot with fine results. Linda is the 66th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

Not every lady is given to spend a lunch break posing in 26 different pairs of glasses, let alone 26 pink glasses with a Rx varying from +10 to -16. Although modelling was a new experience, Linda pulled it off with ease. To be honest, I was delighted but not surprised. A good author is capable of introspection and especially imagination.

Dear Linda, it was such a pleasure to work with you! We had been talking about doing this "Lady in Pink" photo shoot for a while and it's great that we had the opportunity. Your excellent selection of the glasses for this theme shoot gave me the chance to show eight glasses not seen before on my weblog. You also selected many glasses that had not been used in five years or so. In retrospect, your real handicap was not the strength of the glasses but the strength of the cold December wind. It took you several mugs of hot soup and hot tea to chase the cold from your limbs and it was reassuring to hear that everything was fine again after a couple of hours. You were clearly quite motivated and this is visible on many of the portraits that were taken. It also struck me that you have an excellent taste for glasses. If ever in life you find yourself in need of everyday glasses, selecting a suitable pair will be no problem for you. And who knows, you may find the inspiration to use your experience as a model in glasses for a chapter of a new book. Needless to say, you will have at least one devoted reader.... Thank you so much, Linda, and I look forward to meet you again!

Linda has her own website and she kindly gave me permission to include the link here:

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