vrijdag 11 december 2015

Linda 037

Glasses: Pro Design (Club Line), late 1980's
[L=R: +4.50; c+1.00 o]

Right at the start of her photo shoot, Linda posed in an (almost) identical pair of Pro Design glasses, fitted with lenses for very mild myopia. The pair shown here has an identical frame number but the first pair is a touch higher. The lenses here are for substantial long sight. The first model who posed in these glasses before Linda was a longsighted amateur model called Charlotte (022). The glasses were subsequently used in my photo shoots with identical twins Nathalie (091) and Kimberley (093) who swapped the identical Pro Design glasses halfway the series. Two years later, Bonnie (009) and Lydia (037) joined their ranks during my second photography trip to Ireland. And here it is Linda's turn, using a large pink hat to complete the nice ensemble.

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